This is a blog of music playlists and articles curated and written by Patrick McMahon, a UK music graduate interested in writing about and sharing music from around the world.

I’m currently spending a year living in Mexico City as a language assistant at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), and have decided to write a music travel blog to document all the different kinds of music I come across. This includes playlists with music currently being made in the country, as well as traditional music styles from Mexico, and I am also writing articles about the musical culture here. Not all of the posts under the ‘Mexico Travel’ section will be about Mexican musicians, as these posts are about the music I find whilst I’m away, and a lot of great international musicians come through Mexico City. However I’m hoping to be able to introduce people to music from this part of the world they’ll never have heard of before, and since I’m here on a cultural exchange with Mexico, I’m hoping most of this music will be Mexican in some way or another.

Under ‘Da Rico Music’ I have linked my personal music project Da Rico, and under its subsection ‘Playlists’ I have linked the Youtube playlists that I have curated over the years. These are organised into quite broad genres, and are intended as a way to hear good music without having to search the furthest corners of the internet. Please feel free to contact with any suggestions for articles or tracks.

The artwork for the header of this blog is a photo I have taken of a mural on Goméz Farías 21, Coyoacán. I have been unable to find any sign of accreditation for this wonderful piece of art, but if anyone is able to point me in the direction of the artist I will happily credit them here.

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